Another side, another voice

(Prevod pesme objavljene ovde.)

Between the caresses

Cuddled lies the dark

Of a street

Bashfully kissing horizons

And two chords on a guitar

Some thick red wine which tinges the glass

And ripples the shadows of arcane glances

… like the soul is fluid when touched by melody…

Under the epidermis memories live

Of eruptions of laughter

The dim notes vibrates in your voice when you utter my name.

I approach you like a painter,

Who, enchantedly, shapes the routine

With the colours of his fingertips.

Your stare is in my throat a freshly squeezed juice of a Greek orange

On my eyelids giddy suns are burning.

I can smell wild forests

And salty footsteps of the coasts departing.

The waves of longing are rising restlessly to the moon

And burning duskily, drowning in it

… like the soul is fluid when touched by melody…

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